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Hopinions 174 “One And Done”

This week Martin & Steve recount their recent beery adventures while enjoying some beers from Utopian Brewing and pondering emerging beer trends in 2022

Beers | Utopian ‘British Pilsner’, ‘Dopplebock’ and ‘Olicana Altbier’ (collab with Orbit Beers)

Hopinions | Do you think there are beer trends starting to emerge for 2022?


Many thanks to Richard from Utopian for gifting us these beers. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great Utopian beers are.

Hopinions 166 “Small Changes”

Image courtesy of Mark Newton Photography

This week Martin & Steve are diving into a few of the beers from the Toast Companion series while we discuss our latest beery adventures and hopinions

Beers | Fyne Ales ‘New Skies’, Meantime ‘Tick Tock Bock’, Stroud Brewery ‘Buen Vivir’ and Utopian ‘Tmave on Toast’

Hopinions | When out with friends/family/colleagues is the beer choice still a priority?

Toast Companion Series | Available here

Steve on the radio | Listen here

Listener Survey | Please take a moment to give us your feedback here


Many thanks to Fyne Ales & Meantime for sending us beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 


Hopinions 151 “The One With The Yellow Fizzy Thing”

Image courtesy of Matthew Curtis

In this special release, Martin and Steve talk about the country’s most popular style of beer, lager

We are joined for this round table discussion by Mario Canestrelli, Head Brewer from Braybrooke, Reece Hugill, Owner and Head Brewer from Donzoko, Alex Troncoso, Founder and Head Brewer from Lost & Grounded and Richard Archer, Co-founder and Managing Director from Utopian

We talk inspiraion, seasonaility, ingredients and also look at what the public perception is from the 70% of folk in the county that enjoy a yellow fizzy thing on a regualr basis

Braybrooke | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Donzoko | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Lost & Grounded | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Utopian | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Many thanks to all of the breweries for sending us samples to enjoy during this show, although we didn’t get to talk about them on air, they were thoroughly enjoyed without prejudice during the recording

Outro track ‘Hey Soul Sister’ produced by George Bentall & Annalesse Giles

Hopinions 123 “Forever Reminded”

This week Martin & Steve are exploring the things that will forever remind us of Lockdown 2020 and also discus the latest developments in the Small Brewers Duty Relief

Beers | Fyne Ales ‘Jarl’, Utopian ‘Vienna Keller Lager’ and Wiper and True Mixed Fermentations ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Narrow Sea’

Hopinions | When the dust settles on lockdown life, is there a beer or brewery that will forever remind you on this time?

Small Brewers Duty Relief | Finance Bill | SIBA Response | Beer Nouveau post | Roger Protz post | Shane Swindell’s post | Write to your MP

Social Distancing Sounds | Listen here

The Infamous Punk IPA Episode | Can be found here


Many thanks to Iain from Fyne Ales, Alice from Wiper and True and Ruth from Utopian for sending us some beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 

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