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Hopinions 150 “Six Degrees of Separation”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Robert Lindsay, owner and founder of Six Degrees North to talk about the inspiration behind the brewery, can sizes and making tough decisions

Beers | Six Degrees North ‘Wanderlust’, ‘Hopclassic’, ‘We Are Not In This Together’ and ‘Darkness Inside’

Hopinions | Bigger beers in smaller cans?

Six Degree North | Find out more and buy their beers here

Please note, there is some slight interference on parts of Robert’s track, we’re aware of this and have done our best to remove it. Hopefully it doesn’t impact on your enjoyment of this show.


Many thanks to Robert from Six Degrees North for sending us these beers to feature on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 08 “Goose Island” (Part I)

file_000In the first part of 2 very special episodes, we sit down with Josh & Jonny from Goose Island to discuss beer, ownership and history.

Beer | Goose Island 312, IPA & Brewery Yard

Hopinions | Is big beer ownership of smaller brands a good thing for the industry?

Blog | The Moral High Ground: Shades of grey by Justin Mason


Many thanks to Thom for making these shows happen. We worked with Goose Island to produce these podcasts and the beers that we had were given to us for free. We don’t believe that this has influenced our thoughts on the beers or questions for Goose Island.

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