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Beerlonging 14 | A State of Pre-Craft


This is Beerlonging

Hosted by Mark, Rob and Steve featuring beer chat, beery adventures, and reverbeerations. This month we’re talking about what we’ve been up to and looking at how beer is reverting to a state of ‘pre-craft’ status

Our guest this month is Katie Mather


Mark |  S43 ‘DCLXVI’ /  Siren ‘Fire & Stars’ / Wasted Degrees ‘Porter’

Rob | Siren/Five Points ‘Decades’ / Allagash ‘White’ / Indie Rabble/Yonder ‘ Passion Fruit Margarita’

Steve | Cairngorm ‘Gold’ / Williams Bros ‘Nollaig’ / Fuller’s ‘Vinatge Ale 2022’


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Credits // Original music by Rob Edwards // Intro by Dani Carberry // Artwork by Clayton Chisholm

Hopinions 173 “Wheels”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Mark Dredge to talk about writing, beer on TV and discovering new flavours in beer

Beers | Beak Brewery ‘Mousse’, Queer Brewing ‘Flowers’ and Forest Road Brewing Co ‘Work IPA’

Mark Dredge | Website | Flavour Wheels | Twitter | Instagram


Many thanks to Mark for sending us the beers to try on the show. Although this was gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 163 “Are You Excited?”

This week Martin & Steve are drinking some new releases from Round Corner, talking about big beer releases and Martin takes one for the team, more than once…

Beers | Round Corner ‘Saison Du Melton’, ‘Me & Yuzu’, ‘Endless Travels’, ‘Frisby’, ‘Zomba’, ‘Shimmering Pond’, ‘Gunmetal’, & ‘Underwater Song’

Hopinions | Do you find yourself still getting excited by new beer releases?

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Many thanks to Combie from Round Corner for giving us these beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.