Episode 81 – Rodenbach Grand Cru


This week we’re joined by trouser-adverse beer blogger Matt Curtis to review a beer of much repute: Rodenbach’s Grand Cru.

In the news we look at the upcoming Winter Beer Fest, Pilsner Urquell’s lastest tankovna, the Good Beer Guide 2015 and the recent Indy Beer Can Competition.

We discuss Matt’s foray into blogging, look back at the recent Top 10 UK Pale Ales poll and there’s a double for someone in the Instagram of the Week.

If all that isn’t enough, we look forward to the Indy Man Beer Con with an interview with Claudia from the Indy Man team.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

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  1. Peter McKerry

    I really really want a Rodenbach Grand Cru now – my Untappd account embarrassingly shows I haven’t had it. I need to enhance my knowledge of Belgian beers in general and this will be a priority. Nice words from Matt, I can confirm his talk at Duke’s in Highgate went well and he did very well considering family members were present!

    I’m also lamenting the fact I won’t be at IndyManBeerCon – maybe next year…

    Good show guys – cheers.

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