Episode 94 – Of Foam and Fury


We’re back for Season 6, and kicking off what promises to be a jam-packed season with an Irish focus, we review Galway Bay’s Of Foam and Fury.

We’re joined by Janice and Wayne from the Irish Beer Snob podcast, and our old mate Ian from the 11pm Somewhere podcast.

Plus an extended news, loads of beery chatter and the first #prizelessprize winner of season 6.

Make sure to check episode 33 of 11pm Somewhere for an interview with the guys from Galway Bay.

Oh, and just what is Wee Beastie???

It’s Beer O’Clock!


  1. Jason

    I just listened to episode 94. I thought there were some interesting insights from you all on the state of the craft beer market in Ireland and where it might be headed. I hope you enjoy the Revolution Red Ale from Kelly’s Mountain Brew when you get a chance to try it.


    • steve

      Many thanks for your comments Jason, it’s good to hear that we’ve pitched our season focusing on Irish beer right. Hope you enjoy the other shows that we have planned and yes, very much looking forward to the revolution red ale! Cheers, Steve.

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