Revisited 04 – Junction


Once again we go back to a beer from the early days and taste it with our more refined palate.

This time, it’s the fantastic Sambrook’s Junction, a beer we loved so much the first time round that we were desperate to try again.

It’s Beer O’clock. Revisited.

Click here to listen back to the original review in episode 10


  1. Beer Farts

    Great balanced bitter and loved the review…..but better than Pride??

    • steve

      Well that’s a question I guess we’ll just have to answer one day…

    • mark

      To my tastes (and they are, after all, subjective), yes it’s better than Pride. London Pride’s a fine pint; it’s consistent, does its job, and is a nice big malt bomb – Junction just has a little bit more to it, in my mind.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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