This week we are back at the Victoria Inn in Colchester where we are joined by landlord and landlady Andy & Sheena and their bar manager Richard. We talk all things pub and almost forget about the beer that we’re drinking.

Beers | East London Brewery ‘Cowcatcher’ (cask)

Hopinions | What do you look for in a pub?

Sparklers | Episode can be found here


Thanks to Andy, Sheena & Richard for letting us use their pub to record this week. We didn’t have to pay for the space and the beers were on the house but this didn’t influence our thoughts on what a great pub the Victoria Inn is or just how sessionable the Cowcatcher was. Even if it was on cask. If you’re ever in Colchester, make sure to visit the Victoria Inn and follow them on Faceboook for up to date news and events.