Hopinions 155 “40 Years”

In this special release, Martin & Steve are joined by beer hoarder Jezza to drink their way through a selection of beers that were brewed to commemorate the Royal Wedding in 1981

Were they any good and were they even drinkable?

We also investigate what’s happened to the breweries who brewed these beers, reminisce about the Royal Wedding and look back at some of the other key events from 1981


Outro track ‘Hey Soul Sister’ produced by George Bentall & Annalesse Giles

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  1. Dave Souch

    Hi Guys, First of your podcast’s I have listed to, sent to me by my partner.
    I’ve got a few old beers about having bought a job lot on ebay, (as they included 1x Thomas Hardy Ale, the 99p price was excellent). Included were 2x bottles of Courage’s 1973 Royal Wedding, (Princess Anne / Captain mark Phillips), one of the two was very good, the other complete bilge water, despite being bought and kept together for the intervening 40+ years.
    I’m surprised you didn’t get a Fullers ‘Celebration Brew’ in your bucket, their 1981 wedding beer, sold as singles or in a boxed four pack – there’s an empty four pack on display in the bar you sit in after the Fullers brewery tour, (and a full four pack in my ‘cellar’).

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