Hopinions 172 “For Sale”

This week Martin & Steve are chatting about their latest beery adventures, a new London tourist destination and breweries that are up for sale

Beers | Haacht Brewery ‘Tongerlo Blonde’, ‘Tongerlo Tripel’, Tongerlo Bruin’, ‘Primus’, ‘Super 8 IPA’ & ‘Super 8 Flandrien’

Hopinions | This week we heard that Lion are going to focus on US & AUS. What do you think this means for Fourpure & Magic Rock?


Many thanks Sophie from We Are Plaster for sending us the beers from Haacht Brewery to try on the show. Although this was gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

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  1. Bobthebeer

    Totally agree about the comments on Weird Beard. They had some great beers and names Little Things that kill, Sorachi Face Plant and F@#k You I Won’t Brew What You Tell Me to name a few. Had a lot of their beers between 2015-2017. As you say they just slowly disappeared such a shame.

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