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Hopinions 38 “ABV”

We’re back in the studio this week chatting about if the ABV of a beer impacts on your decision to buy it and drinking one of our beers of the year so far.

Beers | Time and Tide & Weird Beard collab series ‘White Cell’, ‘Call Your Friends’ and ‘Crossing Over’

Hopinions | Does the trend of high ABV modern beers influence your buying choices?

#PrizelessPrize | Returns to the North this week with another cracker from Gammon Baron

Podblasts | London Beer City | Brasserie De La Senne

Listener Survey | We’d really appreciate 10 minutes of your time to complete our listener survey. This will help us continue to tailor the podcast so that it’s exactly what you want to hear


The track at the end of this week’s show is ‘Call Your Friends’ by Zebrahead and was the song that inspired Drew & Bryan to use the same name for one of these beers.

Revisited 01 – Wild Raven Black IPA


It’s the first in our Revisited series, where we go back to beers we reviewed way back when we started, and experience them with more seasoned taste buds.

This episode we go back to Thornbridge’s fine black IPA, Wild Raven (once called simply ‘Raven’).

Click here to listen back to the original review in episode 15

The Seventh Beer of Christmas


Today takes us over the half way line. Six beers in, six to go as we build toward New Years Eve and the end of 2014. Tonight’s beer is an interesting one. Meantime Brewing’s Black Russian was not originally part of my #12BeersofXmas and a beer that I found in my possession due to being tagged in a competition that was entered by fellow craft wanker beer nut Greg from Twitter. You can read his blog today for the full details rather than me repeat it here.

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Episode 73 – Beavertown Special

This week we’re lucky to not only have 5 – FIVEBeavertown Brewery beers to try (in cans, no less!), we were also joined by #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter and esteemed beer blogger, Justin Mason.

Also, an interview with Beavertown founder and brewer Logan Plant and Justin talks about his new project Beer East Anglia.

Plus a look back at the recent Ales By Mail US tasting event and in the news Seven Bro7hers, Mark’s new Twitter feed and more on the London Beer City schedule.

Instagram of the week is a real battle this week, and don’t forget you can enter yours using #CheersGuys

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 67 – Homebrew Special #2

It’s time for another Homebrew Special – and this time we have a trio of amazing beers from Daz Oakley, Connor Murphy and Andrew Hobbs: an american pale ale, a black IPA and a chocolate orange imperial stout (yes, you read that right!).

We discuss all manner of homebrewy things with the lads, and hopefully collect some tips for all of you thinking of putting a bucket in your shed or spare wardrobe in case you’re thinking of entering the Thornbridge / Waitrose Great British Homebrew Challenge 2014

We also look back at the 25 Taps of Magic, look forward to the Bermondsey Beer Mile and Summer Brew Fest plus there’s also a bonus interview with the guys from Brewdog’s latest venture, Bottledog Kings X.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Wallowing In a Month’s Worth of Ale – April 2014

April was always only going to be about one thing – Magic Rock’s ‘Un-Human Cannonball 2014’ release. But more about that later.

We started the month with a review of Brains Craft Brewery / The Beer Channel collaboration ‘Black Mountain’ which you can listen to here.

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Episode 62 – Black Mountain

This week the boys sample Black Mountain, a black IPA from Brains Craft Brewery – and have a special guest, from YouTube sensations* The Craft Beer Channel (co-creators of this week’s brew), Jonny! With thanks to Jonny and Brains Craft Brewery for supplying the beer.

Listen to them chat about the inspiration and aims for the beer, and plenty of other beery news and chatter!

It’s Beer O’Clock!



Episode 60 – Fade To Black

A HUGE episode this week, where not only do the boys review Weird Beard’s black IPA Fade To Black, but they’re also joined by Andy Parker (@tabamatu) of Elusive Brewing and award-winning home brewer, but we have two – count ’em! – interviews: first with Fergus of Adnams and Alex of Camden Town, talking about their recent collaboration brew South Town, and secondly with Weird Beard themselves.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Still Thinking about… #12BeersofXmas

Still Thinking 1

Blog by Michael McGrorty

An excuse to drink a beer every day for twelve days? I am definitely going to take up that offer. When Steve from The Beer O’Clock Show came up with the idea for this I was a little bit skeptical. “Do I have enough ‘special’ beers to take part?”, I thought. I quickly realised that the beer didn’t matter much, all that mattered was taking part, so I put together a list and prepared myself for 12 straight days of drinking. Well, here goes…

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Wallowing In A Vat of Ale – Back in Black

It’s November, the dark evenings are here and it’s time to start thinking about those winter beers. What better way to start this than an evening of black beers, hosted by us in conjunction with CAMRGB and suitably titled #BackinBlack.

I’d been quite excited about this for a while now, in fact we’ve been previewing my selected beers on the show for a few weeks running up to the event. I’d been watching Twitter and noticed that a few of the show’s ‘official fans’ jumped the gun and were in early. When our co-host for the evening, CAMRGB jumped in shortly after, I couldn’t hold back any longer and cracked my first beer.

d45746aa-e6c9-4d25-960f-880cdfd1a00cMy first of the night was planned to ease me in – a lovely little black number in the form of Crouch Vale ‘Black’ at 6%. This is a beer that I’ve had before, but it does seem to have aged really well. Lovely sweet aroma and flavours with a strong citrusy back bone and subtle roasted notes coming through towards the end.

It was still fairly quiet at this point with a few #BackinBlack hashtags here and there – check our little Storify feed to get a feel for what was going on.

69279cdc-79a6-4a7a-b9db-a9a1faa33dd3Next up for me was Weird Beard’s ‘Fade To Black’. A black IPA weighing in at 6.3%, this had lovely piney aromas and gave an initial hit like a big, hoppy IPA. A light bitterness but with a really balanced roasted aftertaste coming through. The flavours changed as it warmed and it finished very smoothly.

It was around about that this that #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter waded in with his usual, innovative take on beertography and shared his planned beers for the evening with us.  It was also about now that I had realised that I had got so carried away with the chatter on twitter that I hadn’t been checking any of my beers in Untappd!

4661981b-9031-4ae2-a93a-d0d07486f44fMoving on to my next beer, one that I’d been looking forward to for a while in the form of Camden vs Odell ‘Baltic Porter’ at 7%. An absolutely stunning aroma and went down far too easy. This is probably the easiest porter I’ve ever drunk. Sweet and smooth at the same time with light, hoppy hints and no bitterness on the aftertaste.

As the evening progressed, we were even getting live reports from Bristol courtesy of Mark Landells – have a look at the Bristol report on Storify.

ab9c7151-b127-47a7-b69b-5d0f1f0d301eNow, had I stuck to my original plan, at this point I would have moved onto my last beer of the evening. This is quite possibly where it all started going wrong and I decided to throw in a joker and the last of my GBBH beers, the Ridegway Brewing Querkus Smoked Porter. At 5.8% this has a lightly smoked aroma but a tasted like a mouthful of bonfire. No bitterness and a smooth finish but very, very smokey.  In fact, by the end of the bottle, the smokiness was overpowering and bordering on becoming unbearable.

There was an observation at this point that very few of the black beers being consumed across Twitter were lower than 6% in their ABV and as I continued to deviate from my plan I chose this moment to let Twitter choose my next beer. It was between two heavyweights in Brewdog’s Psycho Cocoa (10%) and Harviestoun’s Ola Dubh 16 (8%). Some bright spark (thanks David Martin) suggested I blend them – and having already had four beers in me, my beer bathed brain decided 6305590f-0dc8-4512-a2d5-13d552c1ec6ethat this would be a good idea and ‘Psycho Dubh’ was born!

The resulting brew had strong coffee aromas, with a sharp bitter aftertaste akin to a good espresso. The undertone was typically Brewdog-esque but was complemented by strong dark chocolate and coffee favours. God knows what the ABV would have been on this brew and common sense should have been telling me to have stopped at this point.

We were joined at this point by Jim Chaney, who is a show regular from the States and a few others who were continuing to share their beers (another Storify) and in my demise also it would seem.

18a935e2-4edf-4153-8311-f2d1ac1e49c0I still had the half bottles of Psycho Cocoa and Ola Dubh 16 left so polished them off for good measure. On their own, the Brewdog was all coffee with citrus undertones and was really smooth and easy to drink. In direct contrast, the Harviestoun was amazing with smooth coffee notes all the way through and a lovely dark, bitter after taste just makes you want to keep diving in for more.

As 10.30pm approached there were only a couple of us still going, and continuing to ignore common sense I decided that it would be a good way to finish the evening by entertaining a Bearded Lady.

af67289c-6bfc-4fba-8162-d89728e05953At 10.5% I’ve probably had better ideas but once again Magic Rock Brewing haven’t disappointed with the rich, imperial brown stout. I found it very smooth and warming, with subtle roasted notes. It was at this point that I decided to have a ‘beer off’ with Justin to which it would appear I lost – you can see for yourself via this Storify link.

With my stocks depleted and feeling fairly worse for wear (I only originally intended to drink 4 beers) I decided that it was time to call it a night.

Back in black, I hit the sack, it’s been to long I’m glad to be back. Indeed.

Thanks to everyone who took part in #BackinBlack and thanks to Simon for allowing us to host the event under the CAMRGB banner.

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