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Hopinions 160 “Seasonality”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Jonny Garrett to talk about seasonal drinking and his new book ‘A Year In Beer’

Beers | The Kernel ‘Belgian Pale Ale Goldings’, ‘IPA Citra Colombus’, ‘Brown Ale Amarillo’ and ‘Imperial Brown Stout London 1856’

HopinionsDo you find you change what you drink according to the season?

Links | Order ‘A Year In Beer’ here | Craft Beer Channel | Good Beer Hunting | The Bubble podcast

Hopinions 148 “The Pursuit of Perfection”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Combie from Round Corner Brewing and talking about taproom experiences around the world

Beers | Round Corner ‘Steeplechase’, ‘Hoppin Spree’, ‘Mackinaw’ and ‘The Society For The Encouragement of Virtue’

Hopinions | Do you think tap rooms are an essential part of a brewery’s offer?

Round Corner | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Steve’s Fundraiser | Donate here if you can (thank you)


Many thanks to Combie from Round Corner for sending us these beers to feature on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 121 “Too Good To Be Forgotten”

This week Martin & Steve are enjoying beers from Brew York and chatting about those breweries which are sometimes overlooked, underrated or simply forgotten about

Beers | Brew York ‘Kiwi’, ‘HHH’ and ‘Big Eagle 2020’

Hopinions | Do you feel some breweries are underrated & who are they for you?


Many thanks to Lee from Brew York for sending us some beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 


Hopinions 88 “Is That Yours?”

This week we’re joined by Andrew & Luke from Rhythm & Brews podcast to talk about Liverpool, trends in beer and stealing glasses.

Beers | Northern Monk ‘Striding Edge’, Griffin Claw Brewing ‘Downtown Bourbon Brown’, Cloudwater ‘West Coast Pale’, Wild Beer ‘Huis V.2’ and Mad Hatter ‘Feed Your Head’

Hopinions | Have you ever taken/stolen glassware from a pub and why?

Rhythm & Brews | Podcast | Twitter | Live event | Trends of 2019


Many thanks to Beer Merchants Tap for hosting the podcast this week

Hopinions 44 “Sparklers”

This week we’re at the Victoria Inn in Colchester and we’re joined by Andy & Richard from the pub to talk about the divisive device, the sparkler.

Beer | Great Heck ‘Trafalgar’ & Colchester Brewery ‘Ambassador’

Hopinions | Sparklers

Links | The Cask Report


Many thanks to Andy, Sheena & Richard from the Victoria Inn for hosting the podcast and providing the beers that we enjoyed while recording for free. This didn’t impact on our thoughts on the friendly atmosphere and great beers on offer at the pub. If you’ve any questions for Andy, take up his offer in the show and email him at victoria.inn10@gmail.com 

(L-R) Creamer / Sparkler / None

Episode 141 – Homebrew Special #7

Homebrew 2016.1It’s that time again…

The highlight of every season, where we’re lucky enough to get to sample some amazing beers that are being produced in people’s homes. This time around we’re drinking a porter from Will Millard, a sweet brown from our first international homebrewer, Sarah Finney and finally a barley wine from Richard Harrall.

There’s also an interview with the UK’s premium homebrew supplier, Robert Neale, also know as the Malt Miller.

Plus, we just about remember to award this week’s #prizelessprize

It’s Beer O’Clock


Episode 21 – Newcastle Brown Ale

We’re back for 2013!

After far too long a wait, Steve and Mark are back with Season 2 of the Beer O’Clock Show, and we kick it off with a beer everyone in the world has tasted – except Mark. How will he find it?

Also, some clips from a recent Dragon & Flagon pub tour in London with Steve and #1 Fan!

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