Episode 141 – Homebrew Special #7

Homebrew 2016.1It’s that time again…

The highlight of every season, where we’re lucky enough to get to sample some amazing beers that are being produced in people’s homes. This time around we’re drinking a porter from Will Millard, a sweet brown from our first international homebrewer, Sarah Finney and finally a barley wine from Richard Harrall.

There’s also an interview with the UK’s premium homebrew supplier, Robert Neale, also know as the Malt Miller.

Plus, we just about remember to award this week’s #prizelessprize

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  1. John Fleming

    This is the first time I have listened to your podcasts and really enjoyed this podcast, I know Richard Harrall & we had a taster of that delicious Barley Wine at our little home brew group meeting last week.
    Will be going through your back catalogue to listen to more beer gems.

    • steve

      Hey John, cheers for taking the time time make a comment, it’s great to have you on board. Hope you enjoy the shows (old and new). Steve

  2. Michael

    Steve, great show for us home brewers and enjoyed the interview with Rob. As a homebrewer you can get very involved in the technical side of beer production. It’s always refreshing to dip into your show and hear from those who focus on the taste. Also loved the live beer explosions.

    • steve

      Cheers Michael, thanks for taking the time to comment!

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