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Hopinions 182 “Empty Spaces”

This week Martin & Steve are at Leigh-On-Sea Brewery where we are brewing a beer for our 10th anniversary. We’re also joined by Matt Chinnery and Sam Martyn from the brewery.

Beers | Leigh-On-Sea ‘Boatyard IPA’, ‘Diggers Delight’, ‘McFadden Mild’, ‘Lemonhead’ & ‘Barley Wine 2021’


Many thanks to Ian, Matt and Sam from Leigh-On-Sea Brewery for the hospitality shown to us and for agreeing to brew our anniversary beer with us. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great the beers or the people at Leigh-On-Sea are.

Hopinions 95 “SIBA”

This week we’re joined by guest host James Calder, CEO of The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA)

Beers | The Kernel ‘Biere de Saison Damson’ & ‘Export Stout London 1893’, Blackjack ‘West Coast IPA’, Ashover ‘Victorian Ruby Mild’ and Burning Sky ‘Cuvee’

Hopinions | Is independence in beer important to you?

Links | Craft & Slice Blog | SIBA


Many thanks to James for his time and for bringing along the Kernel ‘Biere de Saison’ & the Burning Sky ‘Cuvee’ beers for us to try as a gift, this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 84 “Innovation vs Core”

We’re back from a mini-break and diving straight into some delicious beers

Beers | Sean O’Reilly / Uncruliar Brews ‘Sean’s Dark Ruby Mild’ and ‘Not So Pale Fire’, Unbarred ‘Mango Pale’, ‘Honeycomb Milkshake Pale’ and ‘Tropic Soda’ and Lagunitas ‘The Waldos Special Ale’

Hopinions | Is constant innovation of beer styles/flavours essential to the survival of breweries or is it a solid core range?

Links | Heartland


Many thanks to Sean (@uncruliar), Brett from Unbarred and Tom from Lagunitas for sending us beer to try for free on the show, this didn’t influence our thoughts.

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