Hopinions 182 “Empty Spaces”

This week Martin & Steve are at Leigh-On-Sea Brewery where we are brewing a beer for our 10th anniversary. We’re also joined by Matt Chinnery and Sam Martyn from the brewery.

Beers | Leigh-On-Sea ‘Boatyard IPA’, ‘Diggers Delight’, ‘McFadden Mild’, ‘Lemonhead’ & ‘Barley Wine 2021’


Many thanks to Ian, Matt and Sam from Leigh-On-Sea Brewery for the hospitality shown to us and for agreeing to brew our anniversary beer with us. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great the beers or the people at Leigh-On-Sea are.


  1. Chris

    Hi Steve / Martin

    Listened to the latest show on Friday and I have to say that the news completely ruined my weekend!!

    I’ve been listening since 2016 and did the same as lots of other people, and went back to listen to the whole back catalogue. You’ve been with me through my whole craft beer journey and the podcast has been something that I’ve looked forward to every week / fortnight. Over lockdown, I don’t think you should ever underestimate how important your show was in keeping your listeners spirits up and I’ll always be very grateful for that.

    I think the key to your podcast was that it felt very much like being part of a conversation between friends (particularly during the period where the podcast began by dropping into your conversation part way through).

    So the end of the podcast feels like I’ll be losing touch with two friends but I just wanted to say thank you for all the joy you’ve provided.

    If you do ever get the itch to put together any specials / one offs, I’ll certainly be here ready for them!!

    Many thanks again and all the best for the future.


    • steve

      Thanks so much for the kind words Chris, you’re ongoing support is appreciated. And as for scratching that itch… never say never! Cheers, Steve

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