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The Beerlonging Christmas Special 2023 | Beige Buffets and Steamed Up Windows


This is the Beerlonging Christmas Special 2023

Mark, Rob and Steve enjoy some Christmas beers and discuss if there really are any good Christmas songs anymore, drinking on Christmas Day and we get tangled up in wrapped

We also chat about some of favourite beery things from 2023… Happy Christmas!


Simple Things Fermentations ‘Belgain Christmas 2023’ / Attic ‘Merry & Bright’ / Siren ‘Coldblooded Christmas’


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Credits // Original music by Rob Edwards // Intro by Dani Carberry // Artwork by Clayton Chisholm

Hopinions 167 “Hoppy Returns”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Lee from Brew York to chat about collaborations, innovation and growing a business

Beers | Brew York ‘Red Danson’, ‘Dreams of Brew York 2021’ & ‘Release the Cranachan’

Hopinions | When considering a beer to drink does originality sway your decision?

Brew York | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Many thanks to Lee from Brew York for the ongoing support and for gifting us these beers to feature on the show. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great Brew York beers are.

Hopinions 133 “Support Local”

This week Martin & Steve are sharing stories of how our listeners were out supporting local business and horrific thought of putting ice in beer

Beers | Donkeystone Brewing Co ‘Kaihe’, ‘Kaihe XXX’, Hop Wrasslin’ III’, ‘Ferris Muler’, ‘DPA’ and ‘DARIPA’

Hopinions | Are you planning to visit your pub of choice / local? | Would you ever add ice to beer?

Crimbo Crawl At Home | Session 1 | Session 2

Beer Nation 2020 | All you need to know | Beer Nation 2015

Donkeystone Apps | Android | iOS


Many thanks to Paddy from Donkeystone Brewing Co for sending us some beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 

Hopinions 131 “Beer Points”

This week Martin & Steve are discussing the value of #beerpoints and calories in beer. The news is full of new releases and we might have discovered a beer featuring sabro that we actually enjoyed!

Beers | Siren Craft Brew ‘Twin Flames (Classic)’, ‘Twin Flames (Nitro)’, ‘One Through Three’ and ‘Cacao & Cherry Broken Dream’

Hopinions | Do you earn #BeerPoints for exercise? | If breweries were forced to display the number of calories in their beer, would it affect your choices?

Hopinions 130 “Give Us A Clue”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Guest Drinker and all round great bloke Rob Edwards to talk about Sabro, advertising opening hours and the world’s strongest beer

Beers | Camden Town ‘Beer 2019’, Brew York ‘Red Panda 2020’, Cheshire Brewhouse ‘Little Saturday’, Kernel/New Barns ‘Multi-Grain Galaxy IPA’  and Kernel ‘India Pale Ale Mosaic Amarillo’

Hopinions | What’s your preference? | If pubs/bars have limited information online about their opening hours, does it impact your decision to visit?

Rob can be found | Twitter | Wednesday Beers | Social Distancing Sounds

The World’s Strongest Beer | Info here