Episode 86 – Nazionale


We’re back with another of our beers from our Italian selection this season with Birra Baladin’s ‘Nazionale’ in a huge-ass bottle!

In the news we look at the launch of Brewhouse & Kitchen Islington and the Coming of IHL.

We take a look at beer subscription services from Craft Rebellion, Desk Beers, Beers From Italy, Ales By Mail and Beer 52.

Plus we launch THREE Beer 52 competitions


Winners will be announced on the show that we’ll record on Monday 17 November and via Twitter. In addition to all this there’s this week’s amazing #PrizelessPrize, and interview with the current Beer Writer of the Year Will Hawkes AND we have our usual beery chatter!

It’s Beer O’Clock!


  1. Mark

    Great episode. I particularly liked the reviews of the beer clubs; there were a few I wasn’t aware of!

  2. Myles Lambert

    Great show. Nice review of an interesting beer, nice interview with a leading beer writer and a lovely run through of beer subscription services (don’t mention the seamless link to the competition too, but good work!).

  3. Adam Nicholson

    Top boozy beer news and reviews. Interesting to hear about some beer subscription services that I’d not come across.

    The Italian beer reviews continue and have really made me want to try them.

    Keep it up guys

  4. Nick

    Great show as always. I especially appreciate them when they’re about good, unusual hard-to-get beers (as long as there actually is a way to get them. I’m still a bit miffed I missed out on the end-of-season-4 beer).

  5. Andrew

    First time listener. Very informative show. Looking forward to catching up on some previous episodes.

  6. Phil

    Another great show… Listened on the way home from work (you never fail to make my thirsty). Really interested in the Italian beers this season – I need to get my hands on a few. Also really enjoyed the interview; one of my favourite things about your show is hearing about how other people got into drinking better beer. Keep it up guys.

  7. Clayfish

    Another highly listenable show, it’s taken me a while to get to listen to it this week, blame the day job!

    Are you going to do a ‘bloopers’ reel for between seasons? There would be some gold in there…

  8. Ian G

    most people think that the excellent Beer O’ Clock Show is a podcast about beer…. It’s not. It’s a show about news pips. Probably the best, most varied range of news pips you will find anywhere. Mark is a virtuoso of the lost art of news pipping.

    There is also an awesome little bit about beer. But really it’s about the pips… Schhhhhhh.

  9. Rich C

    Thanks for the show, nice to hear about new Italian beers and the beer clubs are very tempting.

  10. Steve F

    Another great show guys. Really loving this series especially since my recent trip to Italy and a few of their beers.

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