Episode 87 – Bad Kitty


This week we’re joined by YouTube megastar Rob from Hopzine to sample an interesting little beer in ‘ Bad Kitty’ from Brass Castle. Plus we have an interview with Phil and Ian talking about the beer and the brewery.

There’s our beery news, competitions and don’t forget to check out Ep 41 of 11pm Somewhere for an exclusive review of Galway Bay’s ‘Buried at Sea’ and a mega annoucement about season 6.

Our #PrizelessPrize goes to the ‘most Scottish beer picture ever’ and there’s the usual beery chatter.

It’s beer o’clock!


  1. shaun

    looking foward to a later listen and drink along with HAAALLLLCYON .its all good keep it up

  2. Ian G

    Unfortunately this weeks news pips didn’t challenge or excite the most hardened of news pip wankers out there. If you’re in search of exotic news pipping this week you’ll have to look elsewhere. Marks usually pant moistening performance was lacking, far too pedestrian for the like of myself.

    Luckily however there was yet another excellent and informative beer review section to soothe the news pip disappointment. Also loves the interview at the end… However, I feel this could have been preceded by some news pips from the master of news pippery. Overall thorough excellent! Cheers Guys.

  3. Paul

    Gave you a chance for a few months but this was definitely the last listen. Steve you should just do your own show, you provide 95% of the content anyway and Mark doesn’t ever seem to even drink beers to talk about aside from the freebie for the show taste. That and the only news typically being a read from the Brewdog website is the final straw

    • steve

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion Paul, hence our decision to publish and respond to your post on the website rather than just ignoring it. We’re sorry that the podcast doesn’t do it for you, but it works for many of our listeners and the thing that makes it work is that we are a team. It may seem as though I provide most of the content but this is balanced by the amount of time that Mark gives in editing and publishing the content. Mark does drink his fair share of beer, but it just happens to be that I have greater access to far more beers than Mark does, one could say that Mark is actually promoting responsible drinking. Not all of the show reviews are freebies, however, where they are we openly state the source but we remain impartial in our reviews. If you’ve been listening for a few months, I would have hoped by now that you would have picked up the tongue-in-cheek nature of the Brewdog news articles – it’s not like these aren’t widely promoted anyway is it? We plan it so that the news never contains more than 3/4 stories as we don’t want to spend the whole show talking about news that people have probably already heard. Once again, sorry to hear we didn’t do it for you, can we suggest that you give the 11pm Somewhere or Perfect Pint podcasts a try? Maybe these will be more what you are looking for.

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