Top Beer

10 months, 7 polls and over 3500 votes later one beer has emerged as being the UK Top Beer…

Beavertown’s ‘Gamma Ray’ wins the final poll of our series by an absolute landslide, taking around 40% of the votes cast, proving that this is indeed a beer that the craft wankers UK beer drinkers will go to again and again.

Here’s what friend of the show, beer writer and #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter Justin Mason had to say about the beer after it won the UK Top 10 Pale Ale poll…

As soon as Beavertown unleashed their beers on an unsuspecting public they created a buzz. Gamma Ray, first released in October 2012, was originally part of their boundary-pushing experimental Alpha Series, however it’s in-your-face US hop character made it an instant favourite with drinkers craving big ballsy beers that left their lips tingling and their palate in tatters, and it soon became a best-seller. With its spicy pine, passion fruit and grapefruit aroma and its huge bitter tropical citrus caramel flavour, Gamma Ray has achieved an almost cult status among craft beer lovers on this side of the Atlantic searching for an American-style Pale Ale that delivers every time. It is a truly special beer, and now it is available in cans it is a near-fresh hop hit you can have straight from the fridge whenever you want it. You can check out the show that we did with Justin where we review Gamma Ray and all of the other Beavertown cans here.

The full results from the UK Top Beer poll are…

  1. Beavertown Gamma Ray
  2. Marble Dobber
  3. Elusive Brewing/Weird Beard Lord Nelson
  4. Kernel India Export
  5. Magic Rock Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady
  6. Marble Pint
  7. Camden Hells

And with that our series of UK Top Beers finishes. It’s been an interesting run and it’s been great to see people getting involved on Twitter. Thank you to everyone who has cast a vote or an opinion and look out for what might become an ‘annual’  IPA poll…