Hopinions 00 “Pilot”

Hopinions.2Welcome to Hopinions, the new podcast from the Beer O’clock Show.

In this pilot episode, Steve & Martin get to grips with presenting a new show, play around with some sour beers and talk about the latest Hopinions.

Beer | Petrus Aged Pale, Petrus Oud Bruin & Petrus Aged Red

Hopinions | Should GBBF feature exclusively British Beer?

Blogs | Pete McKerry & Matt Chinnery

Groovy tune | Thanks to Duncan Vaughan, a musician from Sheffield for producing our new theme music. Find out more about Duncan’s work here.


Many thanks to the folks at Boutique Bar Brands for sending over the Petrus beers for us to try. We were gifted these beers this but that didn’t influence our thoughts. These are now available from Ales By Mail.


  1. Paul. E

    Good show guys. And an interesting question about the Great British Beer Festival. It probably come down to the motivation behind it and whether there are competing interests. Cheers

    • steve

      Cheers for the feedback and comments. Not sure we’ll ever get to the bottom of that particular question…

  2. Dan S

    Martin, you went to your first beer festival two years before i was born. Thanks for making me feel young 🙂

    • Martin

      Cheers Dan!!! A public service that I provide 🙂

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