Hopinions 01 “Drink Fresh”

Hopinions.2The first ‘proper’ Hopinions show is packed full of news, 3 great beers fresh from the US and some chatter about labelling and freshness.

Beer | Cigar City Brewing Invasion Pale Ale, Jai Alai IPA and Jai Alai IPA aged on white oak

Hopinions | Should breweries include bottled/canned on dates as well as BBD?

Blogs | Justin Mason, Pete McKerry & Mark Johnson

Prizeless Prize | Congrats to Gammon Baron on winning the first ‘new’ big box of nothing

Interview | Steve talks to Neil from Cigar City Brewing

T-Shirt | Get your limited edition Hopinions t-shirt before 29 September here


Many thanks to the folks at  Cigar City Brewing for the hospitality shown when I visited the brewery. These beers weren’t gifted but were hugely discounted but that didn’t influence our thoughts. 


  1. Dan S

    Good interview Steve, interesting stuff.

    • steve

      Cheers Dan, appreciate you taking the time to feed back

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