Beer Nation 2020 is a collaborative podcast looking at the ‘state of the beer nation’ in the U.K. right now

Hosted by Emma Inch from Fermentation Radio, Martin & Steve are also joined by Natalya Watson from Beer With Nat, Simon, Vicki & Charles from Beers Without Frontiers, Ashley, Mark & Tom from Men Beerhaving Badly, Andrew & Luke from Rhythm & Brews and Adam & Laura from the Sheffield Hopcast

In the first part of Beer Nation 2020 we introduce ourselves, look back at Beer Nation 2015, talk about the impact of Covid on the hospitality industry, look at drinking habits and the role that supermarkets now play in the craft beer market

Martin & Steve enjoy beers from Leigh-on-Sea and Bishop Nick

Make sure to listen to part 2 of Beer Nation to hear about beer broadcasting, diversity and what we think/hope the future will hold for our industry

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Outro track ‘Hey Soul Sister’ produced by George Bentall & Annalesse Giles