Hopinions 10 “Rites of Passage”

image1-2This week we’re talking about the Rites of Passage through beer. What does you journey look like and is it important?

Beers | Fullers ‘Black Cab Stout’, Bob & Sarah Maxfield’s homebrewed DIPA & Liberty Brewing Co ‘Knife Party IPA’

Hopinions | If you go back to the start of your beer journey knowing all that you know now, would your journey be different?

Blogs | Mark Johnson, Pete McKerry and Matt Curtis

Prizeless Prize | Some people will literally go to the ends of the earth to win this thing. Congrats Clayton Chisholm for this stunning pic.

Next week | Do we need a definition for craft beer & beers from Nobby’s Brewery


The Maxfields gave us their hombrew DIPA and it was amazing. The fact it was given to us didn’t change our opinion on just how good it was.


  1. Michael

    Mark & James dipped into this episode as I used to the BOS. Wonderful stuff. Great to hear the show developing. Refreshing mention of home brewing.which continues to be my right of passage. Currently brewing a Munich Bock, where could you buy that in the U.K. Here’s two topics always niggling at me. What’s your weekly beer spend? How many units should I keep it down to? Best Wishes.

    • steve

      Thanks for your kind words Michael and for the suggestions for future topics. Hope to hear from you again! Cheers, Steve

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